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    SOPREMA is one of the world's leading companies in the field of waterproofing, but also as a specialist in roofing and insulation.    

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Soprema is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sectors.

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Soprema Roof and Waterproofing


Whether you’re looking for a waterproofing, insulation or vegetated solution, Soprema offers a complete range of products from A to Z to complete your roofing project with confidence.

The SOPRASEAL line includes all SOPREMA membranes which act as air and vapour barriers for walls. They deliver lasting performance and play a key role in waterproofing the building envelope. Soprema Roofer's Guide
Materials should be properly protected, sheltered from inclement weather and harmful substances and always stored away from flames and welding sparks.  2 MB
  The COLPHENE waterproofing line for foundations is synonymous with performance and durability. Whether for conventional foundations, blindside waterproofing or ICF, SOPREMA has the solution for your below-grade waterproofing project. Soprema Repair Guide
Some particular conditions often lead to partial granule loss and to the appearance of cracks on the surface of the cap sheet. This may be caused by several factors, foremost among which are excess foot traffic on the roof, excessive maintenance, accumulations of bird droppings and ponding leaving sediments (commonly called mud curling). Mud curling occurs when stagnant water and dirt accumulates in the lower parts of the roof. When water evaporates, soil, leaves or other debris in these areas form a film of sediments causing granule loss on drying. In most cases, this phenomenon occurs on roofs with poor drainage or on those that are inadequately maintained. To reduce the incidence of mud curling and prevent sediment accumulation, it is generally enough to perform maintenance twice a year. This includes ensuring that drains are not obstructed, thereby allowing water to drain normally.  3 MB
  The ANTIROCK line has been specifically designed for waterproofing bridges. This range includes high-quality products with unmatched reliability that can be adapted to any design, regardless of the size or complexity of the work. Soprema Membranes Color
SOPREMA cap sheet membranes are available in a wide choiceof colours.  1 MB
Founded in 1908 in Strasbourg, France, SOPREMA is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing, and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sectors. Since beginning operations in Canada in 1978, SOPREMA has manufactured and installed millions of square metres of membranes. Each year, hundreds of building professionals choose SOPREMA for the quality of its products and the comprehensive service provided by its technical support team. Soprema Product Catalogue
For roof waterproofing, SOPREMA offers a full range of High Performance products that are designed according to a basic criterion: durability. These products can take different forms: membranes, support panels and liquid waterproofing systems. SOPREMA also created two great classics in the roofing industry: ELASTOPHENE and SOPRALENE. SOPREMA offers a variety of insulating panels made of polyisocyanurate and stone wool, which have exceptional properties and advantages.  23 MB
  SOPREMA has developed several vegetated roof systems that can be easily installed on all of its waterproofing systems. With their light weight and reduced maintenance, SOPRANATURE® roofs have distinguished themselves in the vegetated rof sector. Soprema Presentation
The SOPRASEAL® line includes many of the SOPREMA membranes that ensure air and vapour protection of the building envelope. SOPRASEAL® air and vapour barrier membranes offer durability that can only be obtained with SBS modified bitumen.In addition to waterproofing products, SOPREMA offers high performance insulation solutions for walls that meet the needs and requirements of construction professionals across the country.  8.42 MB
  Always aiming to diversify and offer a wider choice of products to clients, SOPREMA has developed a range of solutions to waterproof balconies, plaza decks, fountains, and ponds. Macaden - Minimacaden
These machines are fairly new.  They have been around about 5 years.   The Mini Macaden costs about $40,000.00.   I havent found anything similar.  83 MB

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