If you are looking for commercial roofing in Saskatoon then you came to the right place. Custom Roofing Inc. installs only the highest quality roofing products.    

Leak Repair



If your home or business is suffering from a roof leak or other roofing water damage, call us today. Our fully certified and experienced crews will quickly diagnose and repair your roof, resulting in minimal disruption.

    Saskatoon Commercial Roof Services, If you wait until your roof actually has a leak, it can cost a substantial amount of money to hire a service performing roof leak repair.    

Does the repair crew need good weather to fix the leak?

We can actually install a tarp or temporary patch, even in the rain, then return to do a more permanent repair when the weather clears. It is important to stop the water ingressing inside the building in order to prevent damage to the insulation, substrate and the interior.

Repair or Re-roof?

While itís usually cost-effective to attempt a repair before committing to a re-roof or roof retrofit, if the roof has reached the end of its serviceable life, and all guarantees have expired, and repair attempts have failed or only provided a short term fix, itís probably time to ask about a re-roofing option.


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