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    IKO is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of residential and commercial roofing products, waterproofing, insulation systems and accessories.    

As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of asphaltic commercial roofing products, IKO Industries has facilities strategically located throughout Canada.

From modified bitumen systems to built-up and insulation, IKO continues to innovate and grow, remaining vertically integrated from top to bottom.

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Asphalt Roofing Systems


A History of Reliable Roofing Systems. For over 60 years, IKO Industries has built its business on asphalt roofing, with products and accessories that make it easy for contractors to install a great roofing system. From SBS to APP and BUR, IKO’s full line of asphalt applied membrane systems include base sheets, cap sheets and self-adhered membranes.

Heat Welded Roofing System IKO Torchflex Modiflex
Count on IKO for the best in heat welded roofing systems. IKO Industries’ Heat Welded Roofing Systems include both base sheets and cap sheets that are heat welded. A wide variety of these systems are offered, including the Armourplast line of APP heat welded cap sheets, the PrevENt™ line of fire rated cap sheets and the Torchflex™ line of SBS membranes in both base and cap sheets. 999 KB
  Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems IKO Mechanically Attached
Count on IKO for the best in mechanically attached roofing systems. IKO mechanically attached roofing systems are known for consistency and durability, and include those that are secured with a fastener system. From Torchflex Cap Sheets to Fast-N-Stick™ Base Sheets, these proven products ensure a secure and reliable roofing system that contractors can rely on.  611 KB
  Fire Rated Roofing Systems IKO PrevENt Fire Rated
Count on IKO for the best in fire rated roofing systems. IKO Fire Rated Roofing Systems include those designed to handle extreme temperatures and to mitigate fire. The PrevENt™ line of polyester reinforced or composite fire rated cap sheets provide an extra protective coating and line of defense to IKO’s premium asphalt based roofing systems.  4 MB
Reflective & Eco Friendly Roofing Systems IKO Carrara Eco Friendly
Count on IKO for the best in reflective and eco roofing systems. IKO Reflective and Eco Roofing Systems include a full line of products with reflective properties designed to provide protection from the damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet radiation. From ArmourCool™ to the new fire resistant Carrara™ ArmourCool HD, these membrane roofing systems are reinforced and built to last, providing peace of mind for and cost savings to the building owner.  4 MB
  IKO ArmourCool Reflect System  IKO ArmourCool Eco Friendly
 The IKO ArmourCool Reflect System undergoes.  4 MB
  Premium Heavy-Duty Composite Roofing Systems  IKO Premium Heavy Duty
 Count on IKO for the best in premium heavy-duty composite roofing systems. IKO Premium Heavy-Duty (HD) Composite Roofing Systems include a tough composite reinforcement of non-woven polyester strengthened with a glass fiber scrim in both machine and cross directions. These HD membrane products are offered throughout the full line of asphalt systems. They include Fast-N-Stick™, Torchflex and PrevENt™ membranes, as well as the new eco friendly Carrara™ ArmourCool HD. These membrane roofing systems are built extra tough to last longer.  4 MB
Cold-Applied Roofing Systems  IKO Cold Gold
Application Guide
 Count on IKO for the best in cold-applied roofing systems. IKO Cold-Applied Roofing Systems include cold process adhesives that are suitable for use with Vapour Retarders and Modiflex™ Base and Cap Sheets. These cold-applied systems are also designed to adhere IKO Modiflex™ modified bitumen membranes to steep and vertical surfaces.  599 KB
  Built-up Roofing Systems (BUR)  IKO BUR - Build Up Roofing
 Count on IKO for the best in built-up roofing systems. IKO Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems are composed of layers of roofing asphalt and asphalt felts which are installed so that the multiple interwoven plies form a roofing membrane. The key to this system is the repetitive layers. IKO Type IV and Type 6 Glass Ply Sheets and No. 15 Perforated Felt–Imperial stand out as durable built-up roofing membranes that contractors can rely on.  673 KB
  Self-Adhered Roofing Systems  IKO Self-Adhered Roofing
Data Sheet
Count on IKO for the best in self-adhered roofing systems. IKO Self-Adhered Roofing Systems include the Armourbond and Armourvent line of membranes, which serve as an excellent base for the application of a heat-welded cap sheet or as a flashing detail designed for use in flame-sensitive areas. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive and Adhesive LVC products provide a quick-drying surface preparation for installing these membranes.  567 KB
APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems  IKO APP Modified Bitumen
 Count on IKO for the best in APP modified bitumen roofing systems. IKO APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are asphalt based and constructed of a tough non-woven reinforced polyester mat strengthened with select glass fiber strands treated with Atactic Polypropylene (APP) polymers to impart “plastic” type qualities. IKO Armourplast™ Classic and Armourplast Granular APP modified bitumen membranes may be used as either a cap sheet or a base sheet, depending on the application.  506 KB
  IKO PrevENt - Fire Rated Roofing Systems  IKO PrevENt Fire Rated
Integrating Premium Performance and Fire Resistance in One Membrane IKO Industries has manufactured SBS membranes for the commercial roofing market for decades. PrevENt Fire Rated Roofing Systems include IKO’s premium line of SBS cap sheets offering enhanced performance with graphite technology for the highest fire resistance rating available in a roof membrane: Class A rated by UL/ULC and FM. Superior quality, innovative design and stringent manufacturing controls have earned IKO a trusted place within the roofing industry.  18.8 MB


Waterproofing Membranes

IKO bridge, deck, foundation and waterproofing membrane products are designed to provide long-lasting and dependable protection against the damaging effects of moisture.

From primers, mastics and sealants to waterproofing membranes and asphaltic cover boards, IKO has contractors covered for many needs, both on and off the roof.
Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membranes  IKO ArmourBridge
 Count on IKO for the best in Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membranes. IKO’s Armourbridge™ Heat Welded Membrane is constructed with a tough non-woven reinforced polyester mat strengthened with select glass fiber strands, and then coated with select SBS polymers and premium asphalt. AquaBarrier™ FP is made by integrally bonding high-density, cross laminated polyethylene to SBS modified rubberized asphalt. AquaBarrier TG is manufactured from an inorganic reinforcing mat of high strength non-woven glass fibers that is coated with select SBS polymers and premium asphalt.  6 MB
  IKO AquaBarrier AVB is manufactured by integrally bonding SBS modified asphalt to a high density, cross-laminated woven polyethylene film. The result is a self-adhering building envelope membrane providing superior performance in wall assemblies where an air and vapour barrier is required.  IKO AquaBarrier
 Excellent Air and Moisture Resistance.The IKO AquaBarrier AVB backsurfacing is an easily removed silicone release paper. When installed according to IKO specifications and used with an IKO approved primer or adhesive, AquaBarrier AVB provides a superior retarder to moisture vapour transmission and air leakage.  2 MB
  IKO S.A.M. Adhesive and S.A.M. LVC Adhesive • Dries to a high tack, providing excellent adhesion properties during the application process on horizontal or vertical surfaces. • Suitable for use on most substrates including wood, glass mat, gypsum core sheathing, masonry, concrete and metal.  IKO AquaBarrier Training
 IKO Water Based Adhesive • Solvent free surface preparation intended for use with IKO self-adhering roof membranes, AquaBarrier self-adhering membranes or heat-welded membrane products. • Suitable for use on most substrates including wood, glass mat, gypsum core sheathing, masonry, concrete and metal.  9.58 MB

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